Terms and Conditions

  Terms of Business 

  1st: Do not forget upon receipt of your vehicle to have a timely valid driver's license, credit card, and a means of identification-ID or passport.

2: You can request prices either from our website or alternatively you can call us or send us an email.

3: In the car there is a fuel supply when you pick it up. 

4. If the rented vehicle is returned with more fuel, no refunds are made.

5. If you wish to receive/deliver the rented vehicle in time outside the operation you may have to pay an additional charge for "service outside working hours".

6th: The pickup and delivery of your vehicle will take place in our area.

7th: It is required to provide us with the age of the driver which is defined [21-70]by years.

8. Credit cards accepted are as follows:
Master Card and Visa.

9being: In case you wish to make a reservation by phone. Contact us and one of our representatives will serve you.

10th: For the amount of the reservation you will be indicated initially the total price of the rental and then the amount of the reservation payable.

11th: The payment of the value of the amount is done upon receipt of your car. 

12on: You can return the vehicle earlier than you have mentioned, however, no refunds are paid for the days you will not use the vehicle.

13a: It may be possible to prolong the rental of your vehicle. If there is availability we will give you the opportunity to keep the vehicle for more time. In this case there will be additional charges.

14on: We provide child seats.